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Photo paper classification

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Silver salt printing photographic paper is a photographic paper in the traditional sense, with a certain wet strength, thick paper with acid and alkali resistance

1. Silver salt printing photographic paper

Silver salt printing photographic paper is a photographic paper in the traditional sense, with a certain wet strength, thick paper with acid and alkali resistance, high stiffness and folding resistance. The paper is coated with a photosensitive emulsion, which is imaged by light irradiation and chemical imaging, and its image can be maintained for a long time. Applying a photographic emulsion made of gelatin and silver halide to a squeegee paper uniformly coated with a coating made of barium sulfate and alum adhesive on a high-quality photographic base paper, and then A protective film is applied to the emulsion coating. The photographic papers of different sensitivities are obtained by changing the ratio of silver halide and gelatin in the emulsion, controlling the aging conditions and the added sensitizing dyes. According to the type of sensitizer in the coating emulsion, it is divided into different types of printing paper. For example, monochrome printing paper has slow-reaction printing paper (mainly silver chloride), bromine printing paper (mainly silver bromide), chlorobromo printing paper (silver bromide and silver chloride) Wait. Color printing paper is made by layering three kinds of photochromic silver salt emulsions on base paper or screed paper.

At present, there are 1 glossy photographic papers on the market: high brightness and good reflectivity, but it is easy to get fingerprints, and its resolution is the best, generally suitable for product photos and art photos, landscape photos; 2: Suede photo paper: the surface is rough, no reflection, not easy to stain the fingerprint for a longer period of time, but the translucency is lower than the glossy photo paper, the suede photo paper is softer, especially suitable for expressing characters; 3 silk surface photo paper: The surface is the effect of silk cloth, silk texture, silky luster under the light, gorgeous and delicate, very three-dimensional.

2. Inkjet printing photo paper

Inkjet printing photographic paper is an acceptor for ejecting ink from an inkjet printer nozzle, on which an image or text is recorded. Its basic characteristics are fast ink absorption and non-diffusion of ink droplets. Specific requirements: 1 has good recordability, strong ink absorption, fast ink absorption, small droplet diameter, and approximate circular shape; 2 fast recording speed, ie high density, continuous tone, clear picture; 3 good preservation The screen has certain water resistance and light resistance. It has certain preservation and fastness indoors or outdoors. 4The coating has certain fastness and strength. The coating is not easy to be scratched, static-free, has certain slip and bending resistance. Resistant to folding.

Inkjet printing photographic paper is divided into: according to its characteristics: 1. Casting class: using micron-scale silica process, brightness and whiteness can reach the level of traditional photographic paper, but the paper base is paper paper base; 2. Expansion class: Polyurethane (PVA) material is mainly used to form Peng Run-shaped coating on the base paper; 3. Microporous technology class: RC coated photographic paper is processed by silica, and the inorganic-organic composite microparticle ink is printed and immediately Similar to honeycomb microporous absorption is called microporous photographic paper. The paper base uses the same paper base as the traditional photographic paper, and the waterproof paper coating on both sides of the base paper is called RC waterproof photographic paper.

3. Printing photo paper

Printed photographic paper is a digital printing substrate. Its surface and electronic ink have good affinity, which can make electronic ink firmly fixed on the surface of the substrate. In addition, the printing photographic paper has better waterproof and anti-blocking properties. The printed image has sufficient reflection density. Printed photographic paper is divided into three categories according to its surface characteristics: 1. Double-sided fine velvet digital printing photographic paper, printing effect is smooth and delicate, double-sided printing, mainly used for high-quality image output applications such as photo albums and photo books. field. 2. Hankung digital printing photo paper, soft printed image, generally used for high-end image output, such as landscape photography, art photography and other applications. 3. Pearlescent digital printing photo paper, with excellent pearlescent effect, embodying elegant and glittering texture, mainly used for high-quality portrait work output, product brochures, creative works display and high-grade album production.

Digital printing photographic paper is currently produced in the world by only three countries, namely the German ancient building, Japan's Mitsubishi and China's Lekai. The German ancient building is the earliest and the most mature technology.

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