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Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University

Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University

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Founded in 1952, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University is a three-level general hospital with complete disciplines, strong technical force and advanced medical equipment. It is the first batch of doctoral training and post-doctoral mobile stations in Henan Province. One of the important cradle and base for training.

The hospital is a “no holiday hospital” for the whole year. It is a designated medical institution such as Henan Medical Insurance, Henan New Rural Cooperative Medical Care, Henan Province's major illness relief, Henan Province's off-site medical treatment, Henan Province's direct cadre health care and Zhengzhou medical insurance.

The hospital is located in the center of Zhengzhou City. It has the Jingba Road Comprehensive Hospital District, the Nanyang Road Zhengzhou University Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital and the Zhengzhou International Logistics Park Clinic. A modern, large-scale, integrated new courtyard area located in Zhengzhou International Logistics Park covering an area of ​​426 acres is in the process of preparation. There are 2,000 open beds and more than 2,700 employees. They enjoy more than 10 experts from the State Council special allowances and outstanding experts from Henan Province. There are more than 300 professors and associate professors including special professors from Henan Province and special professors from Zhengzhou University. Doctoral tutors and master tutors. More than 140 people. All the clinical majors of the hospital are master's degree training points, and the disciplines of internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and neurology are doctoral training points.

The hospital has a number of advanced medical equipment in the country and the province. Such as the world's advanced 256-row new dual-source CT, 3.0T nuclear magnetic resonance system (MRI), domestic advanced digital subtraction angiography (DSA), four-dimensional color ultrasound, "290" electronic gastroscope, cardiac center monitoring system, artificial liver, Liver tumor radiofrequency treatment system, painless gastroscopy, painless colonoscopy, electronic hysteroscopy, 3D electronic laparoscopy and electronic thoracoscopy, TCT, LEEP knife, external vibrating stone machine (research and development of national patents), in vivo ultrasound Pneumatic ballistic lithotripter, the world's most advanced electronic ureteroscope, transrectal prostate ultrasound multi-point puncture instrument, full femtosecond excimer laser therapy device, automatic biochemical analyzer. The C941-M printer introduced by the hospital in 2017 is a custom-designed printer product for medical film. It uses a unique black powder design to achieve the effect of traditional film, easily meet the medical image blackness requirements, while also taking into account the color output. Significant improvements in cost, efficiency, and environmental protection. In the face of the demanding medical printing market, OKI has a complete and flexible medical printer solution to achieve peace of mind.

With the extensive attention and strong support from all walks of life, the hospital adheres to the "patient-centered" principle of running a hospital and the hospital training of "Hou De Bo Xue Jing Ji Ji Shi", with the vision of "emphasizing domestic well-known characteristics" as the vision to accelerate the pace of reform. Implementing scientific management, paying attention to the education of the wind, developing quality services, actively introducing new technologies and new projects at home and abroad, continuously enhancing service capabilities and levels, and achieving fruitful results. In recent years, the hospital has won the honorary title of “National Quality and Health Care Organization”, National Quality Service Model Hospital, National Health System Advanced Collective, National Medical Reform Innovation Award, National Quality Service Post, Henan Medical Reform Innovation Model Hospital, etc. Wide recognition and high evaluation from all walks of life.