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Welcome visit 2019 CMEF Shanghai

Welcome visit 2019 CMEF Shanghai

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NanyangJiudinginvitesyoutoparticipateinthe81stCMEFExpoinShanghaiin2019!   NanyangJiudingnewproduct--(High/LowTemperature)Medicalthermalfilmisofficiallylaunched. WhichcompatiblewithFuji,Agfaprinter.   


      Nanyang Jiuding invites you to participate in the 81st CMEF Expo in Shanghai in 2019!

      Nanyang Jiuding new product--(High/Low Temperature) Medical thermal film is officially launched.  Which compatible with Fuji, Agfa printer.       

     Welcome to come Guide the discussion! 

    Time:   May-14-2019  to  May-17-2019. 

    Booth:  Hall 2 - 2J25

   Address: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center  

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