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Zhejiang Electronic Film Charge

Zhejiang Electronic Film Charge

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Zhejiang Yunfilm charges up to 20 yuan / case - "Notice on the verification of digital image service fees and other related matters"

Nowadays, relying on the development of mobile internet and cloud storage technology, huge image data can be quickly moved and transmitted. Cloud storage, patients using cloud film can obtain all image data and inspection reports after examination, and can also authorize doctors, DICOM format. More in line with the daily reading habits and needs of the imaging doctor.

Traditional plastic film has lost its value.

Zhejiang Province has been at the forefront of medical informationization in China. The Zhejiang Provincial Price Bureau publicly solicited the "Notice on the verification of digital image service fees and other related matters", which is another measure to promote cloud and sharing of medical image data in the country. This move fully demonstrates that cloud film blooms everywhere in major hospitals is an irreversible trend.


  Zhejiang Provincial Price Bureau Zhejiang Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security

Notice on matters related to the verification of digital image service fees and other matters

(draft for comment)

Municipal Price Bureau, Health Bureau, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Jiaxing Social Security Bureau, Provincial Public Hospital:

In order to promote the application of Internet technology in the medical field, save resources, reduce environmental pollution, reduce the burden on patients, and cooperate with the “maximum run once” reform requirements in the field of medical and health services in Zhejiang Province, medical institutions will fully implement electronic inspection and verification results. Sharing, providing comprehensive online inquiry, mobile push, SMS reminder and other services for patients. The relevant notices on the receipt of digital image service fees by medical institutions are as follows:

First, the standard of digital image service fees. The term "digital image" as used in this notice refers to the medical institution storing the original lossless compressed DICOM format image on the server during X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanning, magnetic resonance scanning (MRI), and X-ray examination. Authorize downloading of images that are viewed directly and indefinitely. For public medical institutions providing digital imaging services, the provincial public hospitals charge a maximum of no more than 20 yuan per person per examination. The fees of other public medical institutions are determined by the municipalities within the highest standards.

Second, the service content. Medical institutions have enough storage space to provide two-dimensional code browsing, SMS connection and other import methods. Patients can view digital images in an unlimited number of times and authorize sharing and downloading digital images. Medical institutions provide digital imaging services for 15 years for outpatients and 30 years for inpatients.

Third, the relevant provisions. The film and digital image of the physical medium provided by the medical institution to the patient are subject to the voluntary principle, and the patient actively applies and is free to choose. Medical institutions provide X-ray computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance scans (MRI), and X-ray examinations. By default, patients do not need film or digital images. Film fees and digital image service fees may not be charged at the same time. Medical institutions that provide digital images that do not meet the requirements, such as the JPEG format, are not charged. When adjusting the price of medical service items in various places, the film expenses have been used as a space for vacating, and accordingly, the medical institutions no longer charge film fees and digital image service fees. If the information platform and storage space used by medical institutions are financed, they shall not receive or reduce the digital image service fee.

Fourth, supervision and inspection. Medical institutions should do a good job of clearly marking the price, provide services in strict accordance with the requirements, and regulate the charging behavior. Price violations such as compulsory or disguised compulsory service, failure to provide services according to regulations, etc., shall be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations such as the Price Law of the People's Republic of China.

Zhejiang Provincial Price Bureau Zhejiang Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission

Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security

June 5, 2018

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