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Inkjet clear film

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Substrate: PET

Thickness: 115 microns

[common size]

Sheet: A4, A3, A3+, A2, A1, 11x17, 13x19;

Coil: 0.432/0.61/0.914/1.07/1.118/1.37/1.52 m x 30 m/50 m;

Special needs customizable size


(1) The high-quality PET base is processed from the base material, which is ultra-transparent, has a strong coating, high black density, clear mesh line and fast drying speed.

(2) The world's advanced coating process, the coating is firm, the thickness is uniform and stable, the ink absorption is good, the blackness is good, the mesh line is clear, the coating is firm, the film is not suitable for film removal, the ink is solid, the ink is not dispersed, and the ink absorption speed is high. Fast, the effect pattern is high in precision and colorful.

(3) tearing, not fainting, not smearing, long-term preservation, easy to archive management

(4) Anti-light, anti-aging, anti-curling, anti-folding, anti-static, effectively match the stepper motor to accurately feed paper, prevent slipping

(5) It can be widely applied to various water-based dyes or pigment type inkjet printers.

【Scope of application】

1. Various large-format, high-precision, micro-piezoelectric inkjet output devices for black and white and color prints in aerospace mapping, newspapers, books, silk screens, flexographic plates, trademarks, textiles, ceramic printing, glass printing, etc. Plate making.

2. High-quality image printing, advertising sample, decorative design, projection, electronic matching printing film, PCB circuit board test proofing, renderings, digital crafts, etc.

【Printer Settings for Best Result and AccuRip setting of print inkjet film】

Epson or other inkjet printers: Open your printer utility driver in the print queue menu. Set your image settings to "best quality photo" or "best image", this will enable your printer to print at its max resolution. Set your paper settings to "premium glossy photo paper" or similar, this allows most printers to lay down the maximum amount of ink.

All black systems w/ AccuRIP:  typically all black systems can run as fast as 720x720 resolution with a 11-13 droplet weight with bidirectional printing turned off. We recommend printing your own droplet weight test to accomplish this.



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