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Waterborne positive spray

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【product parameters】

Name: Water-based positive blower

Thickness: 125/160/210 microns

Ink type: water-based dye / pigment ink

[product specifications]

Coil: 0.432/0.61/0.914/1.07/1.118/1.37/1.52 m x 30 m/50 m;

Special needs customizable size


(1) Using high-quality PET as the substrate, it is produced by unique coating technology, with super white matt, bright and bright color and clear pattern.

(2) Fast ink absorption, good penetration effect, high-fidelity color reproduction

(3) The drying time is short, that is, it is sprayed and dried, and it is not easy to fade.

(4) The printed picture is exquisite, delicate, colorful and saturated

(5) Uniform light transmission, good effect

【Product Usage】

Can be widely used in advertising, publicity, display of light boxes, posters, platforms, windows, menus, etc.

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