OKI C 650 dn

Medical film printer ultrasonic film printer Ultrasonic Report Printer

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Product Application:

1200X1200dpi high physical resolution, clear and delicate performance of images and fine lines, high-quality output B ultrasound, endoscope, PET-CT and other medical image reports. For medical A4 color printing needs, C650dn upgrades the setting parameters of the media type, which is more suitable for the characteristics of the medical industry after upgrading, and the output effect of medical media is better.


Product features:

1. LED print head, horizontal one-time imaging, simple and smooth paper passage path, effectively reducing paper jam rate and failure rate, and greatly improving the stable output of the printer for a long time.
2. Large capacity toner, CMY toner printing volume 6000 pages, K powder printing volume 7000 pages (@ ISO19798).

3. The service life of the toner cartridge is increased to 50,000 pages (A4 format, 3 pages/job).
4. The drum powder separation design effectively maximizes the service life of the toner drum and toner.
5. C650dn adopts a newly developed fuser, which effectively improves the thermal conductivity and thermal efficiency, realizes the same speed of 35ppm for single-sided black-and-white color of A4 plain paper, outputs the first page for 6 seconds, and shortens the wake-up time from energy-saving mode to about 11 seconds, greatly improving the printing efficiency.
The maximum printing load in June and month is 100,000 pages.
7. It supports the expansion of 3 paper boxes, which can realize the maximum paper feeding capacity of 1840 pages *, the paper feeding capacity of paper box 1 is 250 pages, and the paper box 2/3/4 respectively supports the paper feeding capacity of 530 pages *. * 250 pages for Tray1, 530 pages for Tray2/3/4 each, 80gsm plain paper



Application Scenario:

It can be applied on a stand-alone machine or installed in an autonomous cabinet to support self-service report output of the whole hospital.

1. MIB files can be provided to support important information such as monitoring printer usage status, error reporting information, toner usage, etc.
2. Support the power-on function.
3. Three-dimensional drawings required for cabinet design can be provided.


Design Upgrade:

1. The size of the printer is smaller, the space occupied is small, and the operating space is small:
2.630 replacement of consumables & handling minor faults such as paper jam, all operation steps are simple and can be completed by the front:

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